Board of Directors

The board of directors establishes the basic business policies, the same as the board of directors of any other corporation.  The board employs a manager who is responsible for all operational details.

Your board of directors is chosen through elections each year at the annual meeting. Each of the nine directors are elected for a three-year term and may be re-elected. Majority vote at the annual meeting decides who is elected. Terms are staggered; three directors are elected each year. Directors are limited to seven (7) successive three-year terms.

Any members, including incumbents, must be nominated by petition to run for the board of directors. Starting in 2013, any member wanting to be a director will need to obtain twenty-five (25) signatures on a petition to be eligible to run.

Your board of directors meets regularly on the fourth Thursday of each month at the headquarters in Camp Point. Your board, as required, holds additional special meetings. Directors receive no salary; they are reimbursed for travel expenses and receive a per diem for meetings attended.

Directors must receive electric service from the Co-op at their primary residence.They pay the same rates for electric service and follow the same policies as all other members.  They are not eligible to serve on the board if they have any conflicting business interest.

Adams Electric Cooperative
Mailing address: P.O. Box 247, Camp Point, IL 62320
Headquarters Location: 700 E. Wood St., Camp Point, IL
Phone: 217-593-7701 – Fax: 217-593-7120