Minimum Requirements for Directors

Following is a list of the minimum requirements:

1. Directors must attend all regular monthly board meetings, usually at 7:00 p.m. and adjourning three to five hours later.

2. Directors must attend all special board meetings, committee meetings and Adams Electric’s annual meeting.

3. Other meetings directors attend include educational seminars. Directors are encouraged to complete their NRECA Director Credentialed Cooperative Certificate during their first term (3 years). Incumbent Directors must complete at least two additional continuing educational offerings during a three-year period ending with the second year of each successive term to maintain eligibility as a director.

4. Credentialed Directors receive a $200 per diem and mileage (IRS approved mileage rate) for attendance of Cooperative meetings. Non-Credentialed Directors receive a $150 per diem and mileage (IRS approved mileage rate) for attendance of Cooperative meetings. All directors receive transportation, lodging and meal expenses when traveling on Co-op business.

5. Directors spend 23-35 days each year representing Adams Electric Cooperative.

6. A director is expected to read and be familiar with information and financial reports from the Cooperative and/or other state and national associations.

7. A director represents all Members of Adams Electric Cooperative, not a geographic region or director district.

8. A director should work in harmony with the entire board. A director must also have the self-confidence and communication skills to express his/her opinion or disagreement with other directors.

9. Directors and spouses are encouraged to join NRECA’s political action committee, the Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE). Regular membership is $25/year and century club membership is $100/year.

Additional details are provided in Adams Electric Cooperative’s Bylaws.

Adams Electric Cooperative
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