Capital Credits

Electric Cooperatives differ from other electric utilities. The Cooperative operates on a not-for-profit basis. Each year, operating margins are allocated to a member’s account based on the revenue (patronage they paid). A separate account is set up for each Member and the amount of margins earned each year is carefully recorded. Excess margins (over cost) are needed to help pay for plant additions and replacements each year (poles, lines, transformers, etc.) Otherwise, the Cooperative would have to borrow 100%. With no equity, banks would not lend to us. The Cooperative invests this money until the financial condition and the amount of equity (ownership) of our system is sufficient for it to be repaid. Profits are then returned to members rather than outside investors or stockholders. The Board of Directors approves when profits are returned to the member. In 2019, Adams Electric returned $400,000 to members. All capital credits through 1992 and parts of 2006 and 2013 have now been returned.

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