Adams Electric Returns $2,100 in Capital Credits to City of Quincy

December 18th, 2013

Adams Electric Cooperative, which serves Quincy Regional Airport, returned over $2,100 in capital credits to the City of Quincy. General Manager Jim Thompson presented the check for the Quincy Regional Airport to Airport Manager Jerrod Hester, Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore, and City Administrator Glenda Hackemack.


The City of Quincy’s capital credit refund was part of the Cooperative’s recent distribution of over $243,000 in capital credits. Members of cooperatives pay for service at cost and share in the annual margins by earning capital credits.

Pictured:  Adams Electric Cooperative General Manager Jim Thompson (3rd), presents a capital credit check for the City of Quincy to Airport Manager Jerrod Hester (1st), Quincy Mayor John Spring (2nd), and City Administrator Glenda Hackemack (4th)


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