Draw Your Dream House

We received 19 entries in our “Draw your Dream House” contest. The top 4 entries will appear in the 2016 New Home Issue which will arrive in your mailbox after Christmas. However, all of our entries were wonderful! Watch for all of our entries to be posted by January 1.



Randall Troyer, age 10

If you go into the first door you are in the cloakroom. If you go ahead there is a door in front of you and if you go into that door you are in the main house. On your right there is a bathroom and on your left there is a bedroom. If you go on a little way there is a bedroom on either side. If you go on there is a hall leading right then there is a door. If you go on down the main hall there is again a bathroom on your right and a bedroom on your left. If you go on there is a bedroom on either side then a door at the end.




Laverne Lee Troyer, age 11

My dream house consists of a log cabin built beside the woods. Inside of the cabin is a spacious area to relax and recline, and also a small kitchen. I can sit and look out the big window and watch as wildlife comes into the lawn and nibbles. I would love the peaceful woods and the cozy log cabin right in the middle. Behind the cabin, I would have a fireplace that I could relax by and warm myself up when the evenings start to get chilly.






Tenlee Voss, age 10

(No description included)










Mila Fitzjarrald, age 5

This is a house and up there is a clothes line. And there is a garden of flowers.







Sierra Bergman, (age not provided)

My dream house is very big as you can see. It has a ladder to go up. It has a cat in the window because I want to have a cat. My best friends can live with me and my Mom and Dad. My house will have a hot tub and a flat screen T.V.













Dustin Norton, age 5

This house is in Illinois by the lake. It has a sidewalk and a volleyball court.









Melanie Norton, age 11

This is a log cabin in the middle of nowhere! It has a swimming pool in back, a garden with corn, strawberries, onions (and more that you can’t see). Inside there is a stairway on the side — when you first walk in. In further, there are couches and chairs there for the living room. On the side of the living room there is the kitchen with a big table in the middle and counters and lots of space! In the livingroom, there’s a bathroom on the side of it with a bigger shower that you can take showers and baths in it. Then upstairs there is a hall that has three doors on each side. One of them is my room, the first one on the right. The second one by mine is the bathroom with a huge jacuzzi and lots of bubble bath on the side! The next one down from the bathroom is the mini kitchen for coffee and a little snack if you ever get hungry at night! The first door on the left is a guest room and so is the second one. The third one on the left is an arcade game room with lots of arcades. All the way down the hall you step into a big den with computers and couches, etc. That’s all the stuff in my big house. Hope you like it!



Crystal Borntrager, age 11

My dream house is a wooden 2 story house with a beautiful kitchen, dining room, and living room. The house has four bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a big attic; the house has a two car garage, and three telephones. The reason that I would want this house is because I have always wanted to live in a wooden house, with a gray roof.







Reagan Hinkamper, age 11

My dream home is located out in the country in Quincy IL. I imagine my house out in the middle of nowhere. It is a two story house with some rustic details. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a finished basement. I would have a double car garage and a wraparound porch. I would like to own 10 acres of land. I would love to have this house with my husband and kids and would love to live in the country.




Alicia Dawn Yoder, age 7

I would like to have a dish-washer in my kitchen, to wash the dishes. I would like to have a porch for the dog, and a porch for the cat and a porch for me. I would like to have a black car parked beside my house. And a basement in my house. And in my house an up-stairs n which it has four rooms.






Scott Norton, age 9

My dream house is made in a tree and has an elevator going up to the house. On one side of the tree there is a branch with a bird house and the bird lives in it and on the other side there is a opossum hanging upside down on a branch. On the left side of my tree house, there is a soccer field and on the right there is a football field (home of the Seahawks). Inside my tree house there is a couch on the far right. Diagonal of the couch there is a TV. Above the couch there is a food machine that spits out whatever food you say. In the middle of the room there is a racing track with remote control cars to race. On the back right there is a skating rink. On the bottom right there is a door and if you go inside it there is a bunch of pet animals. There is a lizard, a crocodile, a snake, a turtle, and a scorpion. That is my dream house!





Jonathan Yoder, (age not provided)

I would like a big house with an upstairs-n-basement. I would put on grey siding with flowers in front of the house. I’d put in a big window on the front side. It would be a nice big lawn in front of the house also.







Lucas Obert, age 11

My dream house will be brick with shingle roofing. I want it to have a big porch by the front door. I also would like a deck on the second story. The driveway and porch. My backyard will be made of stone. Flowers will be planted around the porch. My backyard will have a huge pool and hot tub. It will be a large yard so I can play “catch” with my kids and other games. It will have four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Each bedroom will have a large closet and a king size bed. The bedrooms will be upstairs. The kitchen will be huge with cherry cabinets and tan granite countertops. My living room will have a huge family couch that is chocolate colored that everyone can sit on at one time. The downstairs will be for entertaining with a “man cave” and a kid playroom with a large TV and X-Box 1.





Christopher Eric Schrock, age 10

I would like to have some apple trees in my back yard and a garden with walks in it. In the yard I would have a play house with a swing. My house would be a big house with basement and a garage and I would plant shrubs around my house. I would have a balcony on the roof of my house where I could grill my supper.






Kendall Ryan, age 8

My house would be big with 10 windows and a porch and a chain link fence with a 16 foot door. I would have an orchard with apple, peach, and pear trees. I would like sky light ridge on the roof of my house to let in lots of light.








Jennika Schrock, age 5

I would want a big house with a nice green lawn and a little garden with a pink fence around it. I would like to have watermelons in my garden. There would be a playhouse outside. I would have a basement where I could have shelves to put my jars of food on. I would like swings out on my porch.









Michelle Schrock, age 7

I would like to have a little house. It would have a nice kitchen with lots of windows. Outside there would be a flower garden where I could plant tulips and daisies. There would be shade trees in my yard and a swing to ride on.








Brigitte Schaller, age 14

Hello there, this is my dream house. Well duh you probably already knew that, but anyway this is my dream house which is on a beautiful hill way out in the countryside. My dream house is two stories high. When you first walk in there is this huge grand staircase leading to the second level. On your left on the first level is the hallway that leads to the library. I LOVE to read. In the library there are bookshelves on every wall, and the bookshelves are jam packed with lots of books to read. In the library, there is a secret door that leads to the stunning dining room. The secret door looks like an actual bookshelf, but it isn’t an actual bookshelf. Then the dining room is connected to the kitchen, so there is no door to obstruct your path to the kitchen into the dining room. Back at the grand staircase, if you go to the right, there is my craft room. I also love to make cute little knickknacks. One door down from my craft room there is the laundry room. From the laundry room, there is the bathroom. Then from the bathroom, the next room is the living room. This is one of my favorite rooms, because this is the room where my family makes memories. If you walk up the grand staircase to the second level on the right is my bedroom. One door down from my room is the master bathroom with a huge shower and a huge jacuzzi. On the left when you first get to the landing from walking up the grand staircase there is the spare bedroom for any guests. Then one door down from the spare bedroom there is my extravagant home theater. My home theater has surround sound with a huge movie screen. The chairs are all reclining chairs with a cup holder in every one. Then on the outside of my dream house you can see the beautiful pond. I also have a nice swing set. There is this absolutely gorgeous tall oak tree that I LOVE. Then also I have the setting sun, and the dirt road that goes over the hill and disappears. HOME SWEET HOME.





Sherri Jo Troyer, age 7

My house has 2 bedrooms and a big bath room with a large whirlpool in it. The kitchen has a dishwasher and a microwave in the living room in a corner is a cozy fireplace.

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