EnergyWyse Loan Program

The EnergyWyse Loan Program provides qualifying members of Adams Electric Cooperative with low interest loans to install high-efficiency, all electric heating and cooling systems, energy-efficient windows and doors, insulation, standby (permanent) generators, and portable/PTO driven generators. These funds are available for new construction as well as for existing homes and businesses. Each of these loans requires members to follow the application guidelines outlined below. Loans for residential service upgrades are available as well and may be approved based on the members’ payment history with the Cooperative.

Members completing two or more projects simultaneously may qualify for a “combined loan.”  The loan amount may not exceed $25,000.00 and will be financed over a ten (10) year time period. Combined loans will be at the applicable HVAC/Generator rate. There is a $50 application fee for loans of $3,000 or more. This fee helps offset the costs of filing UCC forms. This fee is returned to the member if the loan (s) is not approved.

Details of Adams Electric Cooperative’s EnergyWyse Loan program are as follows:

                                                Energy Efficiency (windows, doors, insulation)

$5,000 max. @ 3.5% for 5 years
Loan includes cost of labor & materials

HVAC and Standby (permanent) Generators

$20,000-$15,001 @ 4.5% for 10 years
$15,000-$10,001 @ 3.5% for 7 years
$10,000-$0 @ 2.5% for 5 years
Loan includes costs of labor, materials, & transfer switch

Portable/PTO Driven Generators

$3,000 max. @ 4.5% for 2 years

Service Upgrades

$1,500 max. @ 3.5% for 2 years

Electric Vehicle 240 Volt Charging Stations

$1,500 max. @ 2.5% for 2 years


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