Randy D. Rigg Memorial Wind Turbine

Adams Electric’s Second Wind Turbine

East of Mt. Sterling and south of Highway 24, Adams Electric Cooperative has erected a 1.5 MW wind turbine.

The site is located south of the Cooperative’s Mt. Sterling substation. The location is being leased from Joseph Ray, a member of Adams Electric Cooperative.

Like the Pigeon Creek wind turbine, the Co-op’s Randy D. Rigg Memorial Wind Turbine (formerly named the Brown County Wind Turbine) is a direct drive unit, meaning the three blades drive the generator. The blades start producing electricity in winds as light as 6.7 miles per hour and reach full capacity in winds starting at 24.6 miles per hour. The tips of the blades at full capacity turn at 149.1 miles per hour.

This direct drive unit will create an annual generation of 4 million kWhs of energy per year, enough for about 300-400 homes.

The Randy D. Rigg Memorial Wind Turbine was manufactured by Vensys, located in Germany. The blades were made in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The tower was made in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The generator, nacelle and convertor were made in Germany. The parts arrived in Mt. Sterling, Illinois, by semis and were assembled on site using two massive cranes.

Each blade weighs about 6 tons and attaches to a 16 ton hub. The hub is attached to a generator weighing 45 tons. The new landmark stands 279 feet tall to the hub and 403 feet tall to the tip of the blade.

Each blade on the Randy D. Rigg Memorial Wind Turbine is 122 feet long. The entire assembly including the tower, blades, generator and rotor contains 986 (1 ½ inch dia.) bolts.

The Cooperative received a $450,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help fund thise project. Financing is secured through Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) which are low-interest loans (2.1%) for financing renewable energy projects.

For photos of the construction process of Randy D. Rigg Memorial Wind Turbine, visit Adams Outlet on Facebook!


2015 Production 2016 Production 2017 Production 2018 Production
Jan 342,720 353,880 346,680 404,640
Feb 247,320 239,040 356,400 287,280
Mar 282,960 322,200 371,520 378,720
Apr 340,560 351,720 300,600 296,640
May  253,080 217,080 197,280 192,240
Jun 162,360 167,040 200,160 162,000
Jul 135,000 142,920 150,840 138,240
Aug 144,000 105,120 111,240 149,760
Sep 176,040 199,640 123,120 139,320
Oct 299,520 269,640 280,440 282,240
Nov 410,760  311,400  337,680
Dec 429,120 302,760 352,080


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